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Land Rover Defender parts & spares

Shop High Quality Land Rover Defender Accessories and Spare Parts 

The Land Rover Defender is one of the UK's most famous models of off-road vehicle. With over 65 years of history behind it, it's easy to see why this vehicle alone is the focal point of many car hobbyists.

Defined by many as a "legend" amongst off-road and 4x4 vehicles, the Defender provides the driver with the strength, ruggedness and capability demanded of an all-round, all-terrain vehicle.

Here at Shop4autoparts, over the years, we’ve encountered common issues associated with the Defender. They relate to the following components: 

Wheel bearings

Swivel housing overhaul

Differential overhaul

Oil ingress into the injector harness (TD5 vehicles only)

Fuel pressure regulator (TD5 vehicles)

Steering box drop arm ball joint – common MOT failure

Mainshaft & transfer gear wear

Plus, the Defender service kits are often necessary to cover general preventative maintenance, as are brake pads and discs


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