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Land Rover Freelander 1 parts & spares

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The Freelander 1, a compact SUV was introduced by Land Rover into the market in 1997. It’s body and suspension were quite a change from what was standard Land Rover practice, being designed with a monocoque body construction. However, the body has a substantial sub-frame including welded box-section rails giving it high structural rigidity.

The Freelander 1 also lacks a low range gearbox and a diff lock due to the introduction of the innovative Hill Descent Control. In essence, this pulses the brakes thereby maintaining a speed of about 5mph thus enhancing the Freelander 1's off-road capability. 

Another change was the Viscous Coupling Unit which gives the Freelander 1 it’s all wheel drive ability. The Viscous Coupling works progressively whereby if a front wheel begins to spin, then torque is sent to the rear wheels where it can be used successfully. The introduction on independent suspension not only allows greater clearance when off-road, but it also results in a much smoother ride.

Initial body styles consisted of a 5-door Station Wagon, and a 3-door 'Sport' with soft-back or hard-back rear roofs. Petrol and diesel engine options were also available. In 2001, V6 and Td4 engine options were added, in addition to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. 

Here at Shop4autoparts, we supply a wide range of Freelander 1 parts. Simply browse the products below to find the Freelander parts you require and add them to your basket. Alternatively, we are always happy to hear from you directly. Contact us today to order parts for your Land Rover Freelander. We have over 25 years’ experience of supplying Freelander parts to customers worldwide.


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