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Range Rover P38 (1994-2002) parts & spares

Find Range Rover P38 95MY Parts & Spares

Land Rover followed up the success of the Range Rover Classic with the Range Rover P38. Launched in 1994, production of this new model continued until 2002. The Range Rover P38 took the Range Rover marque to a new level of sophistication, offering more equipment and premium trim levels, thereby placing it above the Discovery in the Land Rover family.

We stock a wide range of Range Rover P38 parts & spares such as shock absorbers, bumpers, radiators and exhaust systems. We’ve also identified several common issues with the Range Rover P38 and stock replacement parts accordingly. These include:

  • Water pumps in diesel models can fail
  • R380 synchro failure can cause gears to crunch
  • Wheel bearings usually last around 130,000 miles. Signs they need replacing include vibration through the steering wheel
  • Cracked airbags
  • Air compressor pumps wear out
  • ABS sensors may need replacement
  • Brake disc replacement – signs of problems include excessive vibration under braking
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Pollen filters – These can often be forgotten about
  • Window regulators wear out
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