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Back to school car maintenance checklist

With summer coming to an end and the new term about the start, now is the time to get your car ready for the school run.

Look under the bonnet: Check all the fluid levels including transmission, engine oil, brake and steering fluid and coolant. Make sure all are properly filled up.
Spark plugs: Soiled or damaged plugs could leave you stranded on the school commute, so check your spark plugs regularly (once a month, ideally) to ensure they are working efficiently. 
Lights: Check all the lights (including interior lights) to make sure they are all functioning as expected. Dimming headlights are often overlooked but can be extremely dangerous if they don’t work.
Air filters: Waiting to change air filters until they are completely full is hazardous to both your car and you as the driver. Clogged air filters can be damaging to your engine as well as impede the vehicle’s performance. Also, unwanted toxins can enter the car as the fan is run for heat and air.
Don’t let the tank get under half full: Few drivers know that when fuel levels drop below half tank, the remaining petrol is more easily evaporated. Another issue arises when running on a near empty petrol gauge - the fuel pump will suck up residue that collects in the bottom of the tank, which could cause a system failure. Save money and improve fuel economy by ensuring the petrol never falls below half tank. 
Check tyre pressure and wear: Refill underinflated tyres (including the spare), look for uneven wear and check tread depth. A quick Google search will tell you the correct pressure for your vehicle’s tyres. 


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