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How and when to change windscreen wiper

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Save money by installing your own windscreen wipers with our handy how-to guide.

Of all the parts of a car that are subject to wear and tear, windscreen wipers are probably the most fragile. Made from thin rubber, they are designed to operate smoothly on the windscreen without scratching the glass – yet they are often used daily, sometimes for long periods. 

It’s no wonder really that they don’t last forever – in fact it’s recommended that 
you change wipers at least once a year; every six months if you drive over 18,000 miles a year. Failing to do so could equal an MOT failure, or worse, an expensive new windscreen. 

Four signs your wipers need replacing

1. Streaking: Blades that are in good condition should clear the rainwater or screenwash from the glass effortlessly in one go. This means there should be no streaks where the blade hasn’t made contact with the screen. Sometimes a loose chip from the road can get stuck under the wiper, causing it to get damaged. Or it could just be the wear and tear from every day use that has made it lose its shape.

2. Irregular movement: As they become worn over time you might notice the blades judder or jar – a sign that they need replacing.

3. Weird noises: Windscreen wipers shouldn’t be noisy; in fact, ideally they should be silent. Squeaks, screeches or scrapes could indicate that the blades have become over-worn.

4. Ragged or distorted blades: Make it a habit to visually inspect the condition of your wipers every week. By lifting the arms of the wipers away from the windscreen, you can quickly assess the condition of the rubber. Ragged, jagged or distorted edges, where the blade makes contact with the glass, mean it’s time for some new wipers. Don’t forget to include the rear wipers in your weekly inspection – although used less often, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for damage in case a replacement is due. 

If you’re in the market for some new windscreen wipers, head to the website and hit the ‘shop by vehicle’ or ‘shop by product’ category now.

Meanwhile follow click on the word Land Rover to see how to change wipers. 

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