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Axle Type Identification Land Rover or Salisbury Axle ?

Excluding the very early Series Eaton type Axles there have been two types of Axles fitted to Land Rovers, Land Rover Axle type and Salisbury Axle type.

First off, identify whether you have a Salisbury Axle or Land Rover type Axle. Whereas Land Rover Axles have a round diff pan the Salisbury Axle has straight sides and is held on by 10 bolts. The Land Rover Axles did not have a removable diff pan.

There have been 6 different types of Pinion Oil Seals fitted to Land Rovers. Matters can be further complicated by the changing of axle types by previous owners, the fitting of reconditioned differentials from a different era, and the supercessions of drive flanges using different mudshield types. If you are planning to do work on your axle let us help you with our comprehensive range of axle parts. If you have any questions please contact us.


Salisbury Type Oil Seals

There Have Been Two Types Of Pinion Oil Seal Fitted To The Land Rover Salisbury Axle; Leather & Rubber. The Original Seal Was A Leather Seal And This Was Replaced in 1999 By A Rubber Seal. The Improved Design Rubber Seal Can only Be Fitted With The Later Flange Assembly Fitted From 1999. The whole Flange Kit Can Be Retro Fitted To Earlier Vehicles. This Rubber Seal Has a Dust Lip And Works In Conjunction With A Large Mudshield On The Later Flange.

If You Have A Vehicle Pre VIN Number XA159807 (1999) Please Check Your Axle To See Which Type Of Flange You Have Fittted Since It May Already Have Been Upgraded To The Later Flange Assembly. The Old Leather Seal Will Fit Late Flange Assemblies But You Are Then Not Getting Benefit Of Later Design Rubber Seal.

This Later Style Rubber Seal Will NOT Fit Early Style Flanges Correctly. The Later Type Flange Can Be Recognised By Having A Large Metal Mudshield Fitted, See Picture Below. It Is Also Possible That At Some Time Someone Has Incorrectly Fitted An Early Type Flange & Seal. The Early Flange Part Number 607185 Has Been Superceded By Land Rover To The Later Flange Assembly Kt STC4457 or STC4403 For All Applications.

Land Rover Salisbury Diff Flange

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