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LT230 Transfer Box R Type & T Type

Thought of as the hero of Land Rover’s 4WD system thanks to its basic and robust engineering, the LT230 is the brand’s most prolific transfer box. Despite being put to the test with extreme off-roading and heavy towing, which in other, lesser vehicles would totally knacker the suspension, this sturdy transfer box seems to hold out against the odds – testament to its brilliant design and manufacturing.

How it works

The transfer box transfers the drive (from the gearbox) across and out at the front and rear of the transfer casing to drive the propshafts to the front and rear axles. Unlike the earlier transfer boxes on Series Land Rovers, which had rear-wheel drive and manually selectable front drive, the LT230 provides permanent drive to both axles, thanks to its integral differential.


The LT230 series Transfer Boxes were first introduced in 1983 with the LT77 5 Speed Gearbox range. Originally known as the LT230R, the design was updated in 1984 with a change to the Intershaft and Intermediate cluster to enable stronger Taper Bearings to be used. These later boxes are known as "T" type boxes (LT230T). Although there are some common parts to the two types of boxes, there are some items that are now either unavailable or expensive to obtain. The good news is that the LT230T type can be fitted as a unit in place of the original LT230R. This also makes good sense when you want to replace your spares. Click here for the largest range of transfer box parts. Check our picture below to find the serial number to identify your transfer box.

 LT230 Transfer Box


The Serial number of the LT230 Transfer Box should be found either on the bottom side above sump by drain plug or sometimes on the end face, as per the examples above.

The LT230 unit has a serial number consisting of a prefix, 6 digit number, and suffix. This serial number will determine the type of box and ratio. The suffix will determine the approximate date of manufacture and gear design used. Below you will find a table showing most of the common variations.

But don’t worry, as if you are struggling to identify your transfer box, we can help - just contact us.

LT230 Transfer Box Serial Numbers

Type Ratio
Typical Applications 
 R 1.667  
 R 1.410 
 R 1.003  
15D  R


20D  T 1.667 
 Defender 4 Cyl Non Tdi
 T 1.410 
 Defender 4 Cyl bar 2.5 Diesel Nat Asp.
 T 1.410 
 Defender 110 V8 With LT85 Gearbox
 T 1.003 
 RR Classic with 3 speed Chrysler Auto
 T 1.192 
 RR Classic up to 1985
 T 1.222 
 RR Classic 1986 0n & Disco 1
29D  T 
 Defender 90 V8 with LT85 Gearbox 
 T 1.222  4 Cyl & V8 3.5 fitted With LT77S Box
 T 1.410  Discovery V8 & 2.0 Mpi
 Q 1.211  Discovery
37D  Q 


 Defender V8 4.0 
40D  Q 1.211 
 Japan / South Africa 
 T 1.211  Disco 2 With Diff Lock Stud
42D  T 1.211 
 Defender TD5 

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