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Land Rover Gearbox Identification

LT77 Gearbox vs R380 Gearbox

Here at Shop4autoparts we are often asked for help in identifying which gearbox you have in your vehicle and general information on their history. With this in mind, we've put together the following information along with a quick guide as to whether you have an R380 Gearbox or an LT77 Gearbox. 

Whichever gearbox you have, we're confident you'll  be able to find your required gearbox parts with us.. In the event that you can't,  please contact us and one of the team will be able to help you out.


Types of Gearbox

Gearbox Type
Serial No Style
 LT76 4 Speed

4 Speed box with integral transfer box found in early Series III 109 V8, 110 V8, 101 FC and Range Rover


5 Speed box fitted from 1983 to approx 1994


17A-74A Prefix

A-H Suffix

 LT85 5 Speed "Santana" box fitted from approx 1988 to 1991
20C & 22C Prefix
 R380 5 Speed box, replaced the LT77 fitted from approx 1994 to 2006

17A-74A Prefix

J on Suffix

 MT82 6 Speed Ford Getrag box introduced with Defender 2007 MY
 PG1  4 Speed used in Freelander & some Rover Car models


LT77/LT77S/R380 Gearbox No. Serial No. Location

You should find the Gearbox Serial Number Stamped on a machined flat near the Drain Plug area, please see the picture below.

The Number Consists Of :

  •  A Prefix e.g. 56A
  •  A six digit numerical
  • A Suffix Letter. Suffix A to H is an LT77 Transmission, Suffix J onwards is an R380 Transmission.

 You can also tell an LT77 Gearbox from R380 Gearbox by the position of the Reverse Gear on the Gearstick:

  • If Reverse is next to 1st gear you have an LT77 gearbox (or possibly LT85, see LT85 section).
  • If Reverse is below 5th you have an R380 transmission.

lt77/lt77s/r380 gearbox serial no. location

LT77 & R380 Identification By Gear Lever

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