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Land Rover VIN Decoder

Land Rover VIN Plate

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, has since 1981 been expressed as a 17 character code which is unique to each individual vehicle. Each position in the VIN describes a particular feature of the vehicle. Found in the vehicle registration document , it is also stamped on a plate in the engine compartment and on the chassis.

The VIN can be useful when you’re looking at buying a vehicle – A VIN check can identify accident history and other issues with the vehicle which can help you make a more informed choice as to whether you make a purchase.

The VIN can also prove invaluable when checking to see if parts are correct for your vehicle. Although the registration number can be used for this in many instances, it is the VIN which defines the vehicle. Registration plates may have been changed due to personalisation over the years but the VIN will always remain the same. For this reason, if you contact us regarding suitability of a part for your vehicle it is always useful if you have the VIN to hand.

Below we have put together a breakdown of the VIN number . Although not fully exhaustive, it gives a good indication of how the system works:

Land Rover VIN check





Geographic Region



Origin Code




L=British Leyland/Land Rover

4 & 5


LB=Series III,Stage 1, Lightweight



LD=Land Rover 90,110,127,130,147,Defender



LH=Range Rover Classic






LM=Range Rover 322






LP=Range Rover P38



LT=Discovery 2



A=Series III 88in,Defender 90in Heavy Duty, Range Rover Classic 100in,Range Rover P38 108in, Freelander



B=SIII 88in Lightweight,Defender 110in Heavy Duty,Range Rover Classic LSE 108in,Freelander Commercial



C=Series III 109in,Defender 130in Heavy Duty



D= SIII 109in



G= 100in(Discovery)



H=Defender 110in & 147in



K= Defender 127in & 130in



M=Special Rebuild



R=110in (24 volt)



S=90in (24 volt)



V=90in (12 volt)


Body Type

A=Basic,soft top,pick up,hard top,Freelander 3 door commercial,Discovery 3 or 5 door



B=SIII 99in station wagon,Defender 3 door station wagon,Range Rover Classic 2 door,Discovery 3 door, Freelander 5 door



E= 2 door twin cab



F= Defender 4-door twin cab non high capacity



H=High capacity pick up



M=Defender 5 door station wagon,Range Rover Classic 5 door, Range Rover P38 5 door, Discovery 5 door



R=Monteverdi Range Rover


Engine Type

A= 1.8 4 cylinder, K series,high compression unleaded



B= 2.5 4 cylinder,turbodiesel (19J),2.0 4 cylinder, L series,turbodiesel



C=2.5 4-cylinder, diesel(12J), 1.8 4 cylinder, K series, low compression unleaded



D=2.5 4-cylinder, petrol(17H), 1.8 4 cylinder, K series, low compression unleaded



E=3.5 V8 carburettor-fed,petrol,high compression,2.4 4 cylinder VM BMW M47(TD4) diesel



F=2.5 4 cylinder, turbodiesel(200Tdi/300Tdi)non EGR/catalytic convertor, 11L or 16L



G=2.25 diesel,2.5 V6 petrol KV6 series, unleaded



H=2.25 petrol, 2.5 V6 KV6 series,leaded



J=4.6 V8 Efi petrol,2.5 V6 KV6 series,ethanol



L=3.5 V8 EFi petrol



M=3.9 V8 (injection)



N=3.9 V8 (injection)



P=2.6 6-cylinder, IOE petrol



V=3.5 V8 carburettor-fed petrol (low compression)



W=2.5 6-cylinder BMW diesel



Y=2.0 4-cylinder MPI petrol (T16)



Z=3.9 Isuzu diesel



1=4.0 V* EFi petrol,low-compression with catalytic converter



2=4.0 V8 Efi petrol,high compression with catalytic converter



3=4.2 V8 Efi petrol,low-compression without catalytic converter



6=2.5 4-cylinder turbodiesel(200Tdi/300Tdi) EGR/catalytic converter



8=2.5 5-cylinder turbodiesel (Td5) EGR



9=2.5 5-cylinder turbodiesel(Td5) EGE without catalytic converter (Discovery 2), 2.8 6 cylinder M52 BMW petrol


Gearbox/Transmission & Steering

1= SIII 4-speed/RHD, LT95 4-speed/RHD,JATCO 5-speed auto/RHD



2=SIII 4-speed/LHD,LT95 4-speed/LHD,JATCO 5-speed auto/LHD



3=Chrysler 747 3-speed auto/RHD,ZF



4=Chrysler747 3-speed auto/LHD,ZF 4-speed auto/LHD



5=4-speed & overdrive/RHD



6=4 speed & overdrive/LHD



7=LT77 5-speed manual/RHD, LT77S 5-speed manual/RHD,LT85 5 speed manual/RHD,R380 5 speed manual/RHD,PG1 5-speed manual/RHD



8=LT77 5-speed manual/LHD,LT77S 5-speed manual/LHD, LT85 5-speed manual/LHD, PG1 5-speed manual/LHD


Model Variant/Model Year
















F=1988-89 1989 Model Year



G=1989-90 1990



H=1990-91 1991



J=1991-92 1992



K=1992-93 1993



L=1993-94 1994



M=1994-95 1995



T= 1995-96 1996



V=1996-97 1997



W=1997-98 1998



X=1998-99 1999



Y=1999-00 2000



1=2000-01 2001



2=2001-02 2002



3=2002-03 2003



4=2003-04 2004



5=2004-05 2005



6=2005-06 2006



7=2006-07 2007



8=2007-08 2008



9=2008-09 2009


Assembly Location




F= CKD Parts manufactured in Solihull and shipped as kits for remote overseas assembly.



V=South Africa


Chassis Identifier

Incremental by 1 for each vehicle produced


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