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Oil Seals Materials and Design

When you are looking to purchase a seal you may well be offered a choice of 2 both fitting the same application. They are dimensionally the same, the only difference being the material they are made from.We are often asked the difference between the seal material types and so have put together a few tips which we you'll find useful.

Basically there are 2 rubber types , Nitrile and Flourelastomer. The main differences between these are explained in the table below.You will often find that the cheaper aftermarket seals are not only poor quality dimensionally but are also using Nitrile material where Fluoroelastomer materials such as Viton® material are called for. Although in many applications Nitrile is a perfectly adequate seal material, there are instances when the more resiliant Viton seals are a better choice.

Cheaper aftermarket seals may also have compromised not only on material but also on some of the design features such as “ribbed” outer casings, dust lips, and bonding agents. Whilst we may offer a choice of materials on some occasions, Shop4autoparts will always strive to give you the best choice of high quality seals available. For any further information please contact us.

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