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Transfer Box Flanges

Oil Leaks From Transfer Box Output Flange

The replacing of the Output Oil Seal does not always cure oil leaks from this area of the transfer box. Aside from poor quality oil seals, which we do not keep, here are the 5 main problems that can occur.

  1. The housing has been damaged when removing the old oil seal. The housing is Aluminium and relatively soft so be careful when levering out the old oil seal. Do NOT use anything sharp !
  2. If a worn seal is left for too long it will wear a slight groove in the flange, not always obvious on first examination. The flange must be replaced, kits are available which include all necessary parts. If the flange is worn oil will still leak even with a new seal is fitted. This is the most common cause of a continued leak after fitting a new seal.
  3. Be sure when fitting a new seal that it goes in squarely and to the correct depth. Incorrectly fitted new seals can also wear grooves into the drive flange.
  4. Check that garter spring is not missing from seal. Very rare on a new oil seal.
  5. Blocked Breather.

When fitting a new seal also make sure it is lubricated between flange face and sealing lip so no initial wear occurs.

Our Seals (Whether Viton or Nitrile) have correct OE design, ribbed outer case, and dust lips. Beware of poor quality aftermarket seals that are available. If you have any other queries about this seal please contact our friendly team for further advice.



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